Although I’m living under the sun of Provence, in the south of France, the photographer and the traveler in me long for the lights, the landscapes and the people of the cold areas of this world, and the relationships that tie them together.

I like to wander on the frozen grounds of the Arctic or face my limits on the paths to the Himalayas in order to document them. Whether I share the life of sled dog breeders in Lapland, of nomadic herders in Mongolia, or I wander for weeks in the mountains in quest of freedom, photography has become an excuse for adventure, to explore these places and learn from the men and women that inhabit them by sharing their daily life.

From a tool to capture an instant, my camera has become a way to conciliate my lust for discovery and my passion for photography. I now perceive each one of my travels, of my photographic experiences, as a lesson that I attempt to adapt in the form of words and images.